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Going Bust:

How to Ruin Your Business

At last, a book that provides a much-needed humorous antidote to the thousands of good-for-you guides on how to create a successful business.

In this book, we dispense with all that well-meaning nonsense and get straight to the point.

If you're going to run a business, run a shoddy one, and then give it up quickly and go back to your real life.

In the long run, this book will save you lots of money and hours and hours of heartache. And it will make you laugh along the way.

By Neil Boom

A public relations adviser specializing in smaller companies for almost 20 years, Neil knows more than most about how to get it wrong in business. And as the owner of his own businesses for the past ten years, he's had ample opportunity to make every mistake in the book.

Going Bust
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